17 great luxury travel blogs.


Great luxury travel blogs

Great luxury travel blogs

One misconception that always bothers me is the belief that you have to spend a lot of money to travel in luxury.

People don’t believe that you can have a great experience  unless you spend a fortune.

What they don’t understand is that it’s that you define what is luxury.

Today I’m going to bring you 17 luxury travel blogs, that span a huge variety of topics, to prove once and for all that luxury travel can be affordable if you plan well and have inspiration.

I look for sites that are well designed, unique in some way and entertaining. There’s nothing scientific about this list. These are just blogs I think that are interesting or cool for some reason.

Lets start.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Probably the biggest luxury travel blog. Written by Paul Johnson and number of contributors this blog gets more than 250.000 monthly visitors. Online since 2005, this blog is a true power hub of travel ideas: where to travel, what to pack, how to dress, where to stay……

Seriously you will lose hours.

My personal favorites:

Sand In My Suitcase

Luxury travel with a twist of adventure. Run by Janice and George Mucalov, lawyers turned travel writers this blog is a true inspiration. Main reason? Absolutely stunning photography.

Unfortunately it also makes me realize how much my photos suck.

My personal favorites:

Mrs. O Around the World

One of the best luxury travel blogs out there. Blog is run by Ana Silva O’Reily and covers luxury travel, airlines, cruises fashion etc. Blog is probably the best bland of personal trips and luxury travel that you will find. Great personal insight into some of the worlds best hotels.

My personal favorites:

Kara on the Coast

This is your luxury travel guide to Florida and Caribbean. Blog is run by Kara Franker. If you ever need inspiration on where to stay and where to eat in Miami this is the place to go.

My personal favorites:


Chic Family Travels

Travelling with kids can sometimes be really painful experience. Tamala seems to be able pull it off. Great place for family travel inspiration. Btw. how do you get an upgrade to the Jewel Suite?

My personal favorites:


Wildluxe is a crossbreed between travel blog and a fashion blog. As many blogs on this list Wildluxe features great photography. If you are into luxury travel and outdoor fashion this is the blog for you.

Luxury travel blog

Suitcase Stories

How can you afford to travel the world permanently? Magic words: house sitting. Australian couple are house sitting gurus. This blog is the right place to start if you are interested in house sitting.

My personal favorites:

The Travel Hack

This is a great blog if you are looking for adventure travel tips and affordable luxury. Originally started by Monica Stott, Travelhack has now grown to a team of 10! Authors specialize in different hacks from: travelling with a baby to the weekend escaper.

My personal favorites:

A Lady in London

Californian expat living in London and travelling the world. Excellent blog featuring amazing photography. Great resource to discover London.

My personal favorites:

The Style Traveller

Collection of hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs. Very stylish and  very, very expensive. This is truly a luxury travel blog. Blog is run by Bonnie Rakhit. If you have money to burn and want to splurge follow this blog.

My personal favorites:

The Travelista

Jess Gibson is 20 something social media manager. All her trips featured on The Travelista are either press trips or part of a content campaign. She gets to spend 5 days Maldivian island hoping and somebody else pays for it. I know, I know I hate her also, but the blog is great.

My personal favorites:


Pret a Voyager

Great resource if you are planning a trip to Paris and want to discover places best known to locals. Blog is run by Anne Stark Ditmeyer. American stranded in Paris. Anne has an insane amount of information about Paris and France. I recommend this blog as a starting point for any trip to Paris.

My personal favorites:

A Taste of Travel

This is the blog  you want to follow to discover great food. Jenny Freedman is a great guide to some of the best restaurants. Just pick a destination.

My personal favorites:

Wandering Carol

Carol Perehudoff runs this blog. Carol is a long time travel columnist and she knows how to travel the world in style without spending a fortune.
My personal favorites:


Nice guide to all things Manhhatan. Although relatively new this blog covers few interesting places in NYC.

My personal favorites:

Silver Spoon London

Another blog with strong focus on London. Angie covers London restaurants, nightlife as well as her travels around the world.

My personal favorites:

Luxury Columnist

Very popular luxury travel blog. Suze runs a great blog featuring great photography and some of the most interesting luxury resorts worldwide.

My personal favorites:

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